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Why is it Important For Children And Adults to Have Annual Eye Exams?

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. That may be true, but an optometrist can also tell a lot about your overall physical health by looking at your eyes during your annual eye exam. Of course, without good eyesight, people might have trouble performing well at school, at work, and at lots of other activities.

Schedule a Back-to-School Eye Exams

You wouldn’t send your child to school without school supplies.  So, why send them to school without having an eye examination?

Make sure your child is ready for the upcoming school year!

Learn why an eye exam is so important by watching this video:

Don’t Children Get Annual Eye Exams In School?

Most kids do get some type of eye exam in school, but this is really a distance screening or vision testing. It might catch obvious problems like being nearsighted. However, it doesn’t always catch problems like being farsighted or having a lazy eye, and these problems can also impact performance and cause other problems. To diagnose issues with seeing at near (or up close), a near-point vision screening is needed.

Kids need regular eye exams to make certain that any school problems are not caused by the simple need for glasses or Vision Therapy. Some problems, like an eye that wanders, really should be addressed early, so it is important to make sure that children visit an optometrist every year. Kids with eye issues or other medical conditions might even need to go to the eye doctor more often than that.

Do Adults Really Need Frequent Eye Exams?

You might think that your vision does not change all that much as an adult. It is true that your vision might not change as rapidly in your young-adult years. However, some changes that can affect your driving, work, and even social life might be very subtle. You might be surprised that you need new glasses.

As you reach middle age, it is even more important to go to the eye doctor. People who have enjoyed very good vision their whole lives might find that they need glasses after they turn forty or fifty. Without proper vision correction, it might not be safe to drive. Besides, uncorrected vision might cause fatigue and danger behind the wheel of your car. If you can live more safely, why not go to the eye doctor regularly for a checkup?

Additionally, eye doctors can catch health problems when they examine your eyes. Such dangerous conditions as high blood pressure and even glaucoma might not be obvious at first to the person who suffers from these problems. But eye doctors can see signs of these issues, and the optometrist can tell you when it is time to visit a medical doctor for a health checkup. In other words, a visit to the eye doctor might be a good way to screen for other problems before they get serious.

Are Checkups Expensive?

Typical checkups are not that expensive. If you have vision insurance, they might even be free. If you do not have this type of coverage, you might still be able to get a discount through your health insurance plan. In some cities, they have foundations and charities that offer low-cost checkups for people with low incomes and elderly people.

Be Sure to Schedule Your Annual Eye Exam

Even if you don’t wear glasses, it is important to have your eyes checked regularly. Your eye doctor can tell you how often based on your health history. For ages 18-60, most agree that you should have an eye exam at least every other year unless you have risk factors like high blood pressure or diabetes, have a family history of eye disease, are older than 60, or wear contact lenses.

At 4D Vision Gym, our comprehensive eye exams are called functional vision evaluations.

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