Vision Therapy Events 2014

Vision Therapy Events in 2014

Events at 4D Vision Gym

2014 was an amazing year for 4D!  Here are the events at 4D Vision Gym...

COVD Fellowship

October 21, 2014

We're so proud of Dr. Collier!

Dr. Juanita Collier has completed specialized guided study and is now a certified Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD).

This means that she has earned international accreditation and is certified by the International Examination & Certification Board (IECB) of the COVD after a process of interviews and knowledge testing completed and accepted by that committee today.

She is now one of only a handful of certified Fellows in Connecticut who specialize in Vision Therapy (FCOVD)!

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Collier on this difficult and prestigious accomplishment.

Way to go, Dr. Collier!


Concussion Workshop

Concussion Workshop

"Concussions: Keep Your Head in the Game1 by Recognizing the Signs of a Concussion."

With the start of the school year, there is growing concern over the safety of sports and the risks of concussions for children.

Because even a mild concussion can impact the visual system and affect everyday activities, 4D Vision Gym, Vision Therapy in Cromwell, Connecticut specializes in post-concussion treatment and helps patients to successfully recover.

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of a concussion can lead to a successful rehabilitation and a full recovery.

Vision Coach, Corinne will briefly discuss the signs and symptoms of a concussion; how a concussion is diagnosed; the procedure for treatment; the team involved, ie. doctors, school staff, and therapists; and how Vision Therapy can help.

Learn more:  Concussions and Vision

This is a rescheduled workshop.

Call the office to reserve your spot today! 860-632-UC4D (8243)!

1Head Zone, Dr. Laugel


CT Homeschool Network

4D will be participating at the Connecticut Homeschool Network Conference at Manchester Community College on Saturday, September 6th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Leslie, our Vision Therapist/Training Coordinator, will be presenting about "The Myth About Seeing 20/20" from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. 


Homeschool Workshop

Event Title:  The Myth About Seeing 20/20!

Abstract:  Is there a discrepancy betwen your child's intellectual ability and their academic performance?  Does your child avoid reading on their own, yet they enjoy being read to?  Do they appear uncoordinated, clumsy, or do they avoid playing in certain environments?  Are they easily distracted or do they have a hard time organizing tasks? 

In spite of having 20/20 eyesight, your child may have a visual issue underlying their learning and behavioral difficulties.  A treatable visual deficit may even be contributing to your child's learning disability or attention disorder. 

Learn about the signs of visual developmental delay and how it can be treated through Vision Therapy, a non-invasive approach for improving an individual's visual skills at any age.


Join us at this event and come support her!  Hope to see you there.

1st Anniversary at 4D

It's our 1st Anniversary!

It's time to say "Thanks" at 4D Vision Gym!

This week we are having Parent Appreciation Week August 4 through August 8.

Please RSVP for each day's event at our front desk.

Thank you all for your love and support during our 1st year.  We look forward to continuing to offer the best patient care in the years to come.

Read more here:  4D 1st Anniversary


Concussions and Vision

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of a concussion can lead to a successful rehabilitation and a full recovery.

Vision Coach, Corinne will briefly discuss the signs and symptoms of a concussion; how a concussion is diagnosed; the procedure for treatment; the team involved, ie. doctors, school staff, and therapists; and how Vision Therapy can help.

Learn more:  Concussions and Vision

Call the office to reserve your spot today! 860-632-UC4D (8243)!

The 4D Team at Mystic Aquarium

Here's a picture of the 4D team and 4D members at Mystic Aquarium on June 29th where all had a great time!

The 4D Team at Mystic Aquarium

This trip to Mystic was a prize for 4D members who did the most homework practice over several weeks which began on March 31 through May 25, 2014.  A member won each week, and winning members won a ticket for themselves and one parent to join the 4D Team at Mystic Aquarium.

Autism and Vision

Our Vision Coach, Jessica, will discuss the article, "The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum," by Naturopathic Doctor, Joseph Mercola, which outlines some of the different strengths of autistic traits, ways to adapt care and education for children with autism, and some of the various causes and treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Call the office to reserve your spot today! 860-632-UC4D (8243)!

Here is the video of Jessica's presentation:


Screen Sightedness Presentation

Attn: Parents, Educators and Healthcare Professionals! 

Attend a presentation by our Vision Coach, Erin.

Come learn how to identify if your child has screen sightedness, how you can avoid it, and why playtime is so important for child development. 

Call the office to reserve your spot today! 860-632-UC4D (8243)!

Here is the video of Erin's presentation:


Screen Free Week

It's Screen Free Week from May 5 through May 11!  Join people around the world and turn off TV screens, mobile games, and video games and turn ON other forms of entertainment -- playing, reading, creating, exploring nature, daydreaming, and spending time with friends and family.  Turn on life!

During Screen Free Week children, families, communities and schools will spend 7 days without digital entertainment.

At 4D, we are passionate about encouraging children to play and have fun, without the use of smartphone screens and video games.  That is why our Vision Therapists will join teachers at Lawrence Elementary in Middletown on Wednesday, May 7 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.  They will demonstrate fun activities that our members do in their Vision Therapy sessions at 4D Vision Gym.

So, students and parents of Lawrence Elementary School are urged to attend and join the 4D team for family fun.


Did you know that smartphones may lead to a new condition dubbed "screen sightedness"?  Learn more here:  Screen Sightedness

Homeschooling Presentation

Attention Homeschoolers/Home Educators:

If your child has low self-esteem at school, avoids reading, is averse to completing academic work, or is not performing at their potential, he or she may have an undetected visual issue.

The 4D Vision Gym team uses a wide array of non-invasive techniques and optometric tools to help patients overcome visual barriers.  These vision difficulties may impact their ability to achieve their potential in school, in sports and in everyday life.

This month's presentation, "How Vision Therapy Bridges the Gap Between Vision, Learning and Behavior," will be held on Tuesday, April 22 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Children of all ages will be able to participate in hands-on demonstrations of Vision Therapy exercises!

Parents will have the opportunity to schedule a complimentary, near-point vision screening for them, as well.

Please call to RSVP:  860-632-UC4D (8243).


Fireside Chat 3-18

Our Senior Vision Therapist, Corinne Williams, will give a presentation about an article entitled, "Improvement in Academic Behavior After Successful Treatment of Convergence Insufficiency" at our next Fireside Chat on Tuesday, March 18.

This presentation will explore a study done by a group of doctors to determine parents' perceptions of the frequency of adverse behaviors exhibited by their children when reading or performing school work. 

It was determined that treatment with Vision Therapy did indeed improve parental perception about academic performance and parental concern.  Parents reported less frequency in all behaviors with children who had shown improvement in their visual skills.

You can learn more at this fireside chat with Corinne.


Corinne Williams

Corinne Williams Fireside Chat

Here is the video of Corinne's presentation:



The ADHD Epidemic

There will be an encore presentation at this open house by Leslie entitled, "The Not-So-Hidden Cause Behind the ADHD Epidemic."

Leslie will explain how and why ADHD is overdiagnosed.

We will have these "fireside chats" on various topics related to vision and learning at upcoming open houses.  Be sure to join us.

Fireside Chats at 4D Vision

As always, bring a friend, refreshments will be served, and Dr. Collier will be available to answer any questions you may have about 4D and Vision Therapy.

Call to RSVP: 860-632-UC4D (8243)

Here is the video of Leslie's presentation:


4D at Healthy Family FunFest

The goal of this wholesome, family event is to improve the overall health of residents from Southington and surrounding communities.  This event includes speakers, demonstrations, health screenings, wellness information and entertainment.  Local health-related practitioners will provide information and answer questions. 

A couple of our Vision Therapy staff, Corinne Williams and Allison Rutledge, will be doing complimentary, near-point vision screenings at the event.

Plus, they will be explaining the benefits of Vision Therapy to attendees.

Stop by and join us at this family-friendly event on Saturday, February 23, 2014 from 10:30 to 3:30 at the Aqua Turf Club.

Open House at 4D Vision Gym 1-14

Come tour our new, state-of-the-art facility and learn how Vision Therapy works and what it can do for you or your child. 

At this month's 4D Open House, Leslie, our Vision Therapist/Training Coordinator, will be giving a presentation about ADHD and vision.

Be sure to bring a friend!  Refreshments will be served!

Location:  181 B Shunpike Road, Cromwell, CT

Dr. Collier and the rest of the Optometric Vision Therapy team will be available to answer all your questions.

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