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Vision Therapy Articles

Here you will find vision therapy articles that explain how vision therapy can help improve your vision and reading, and get rid of headaches and eyestrain.  They also explore how vision therapy helps with reading, learning, studying, sports and much more.

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  • 4D Favorites

    As part of the observance of Vision and Learning Month, we asked some of our patients to draw their favorite part of Vision Therapy at 4D Vision Gym.  Here are some of their answers: Read More »
  • Concussions and Females

    Concussions, which are defined as any injuries to the brain that disturb its normal functioning, continue to make the headlines, but not enough is being said or done about concussions and females. Read More »
  • Neuro-Visual Rehabilitation

    Neuro-Visual Rehabilitation is also referred to as Vision Therapy, a specialty in Optometry. Read More »
  • Color Blindness

    Do you have concerns that your child may be color blind? Read More »
  • Importance of Play

    The importance of play to vision development is often overlooked. Read More »
  • Digital Eye Strain

    Digital eye strain, also referred to as computer vision syndrome, is the discomfort felt when a person spends prolonged exposure to a digital screen (including smartphones, laptops, and tablets). Read More »
  • Positions Available

    Positions are available at 4D Vision Gym.  We are a busy optometry practice, specializing in the cutting-edge field of Vision Therapy.  Read More »
  • Vision Therapy Activities

    People often ask what type of activities are performed in Vision Therapy.  Here are some common Vision Therapy activities that meet the therapeutic needs of many visual challenges. Read More »
  • Vision Therapy After Concussions

    A concussion is a type of brain injury that can affect normal visual processing. Read More »
  • Homework Wars

    Does your child give excuses to avoid sitting at the table to do homework? Read More »
  • Peripheral Vision

    How’s your peripheral vision? Read More »
  • Oculomotor Dysfunction

    Oculomotor Dysfunction is an eye problem in which people have difficulty shifting their eyes from one point to another or difficulty following a moving object effectively. Read More »
  • More About Vision Therapy

    Vision is More Than 20/20While perfect eyesight is known as 20/20, this number does not describe perfect vision. Read More »
  • Vision and Learning

    It is estimated that approximately 80% of learning is visual. Read More »
  • Optometrist Needed

    Our busy Vision Therapy practice in Cromwell, CT is actively seeking a dedicated Optometrist with a strong interest in the growing field of Vision Therapy, for a promising position with their growing staff. Read More »
  • Vision Therapy for Concussions

    Understanding the Effect of a Concussionon Vision and Visual Processing Read More »
  • Eyesight and Vision

    While good eyesight may seem the same as good vision to most people, the terms eyesight and vision do have some differences. Read More »
  • Screen Sightedness

    Have you ever heard of "screen sightedness"? Read More »
  • Eye Training

    Many people believe that worsening eyesight is normal and that the only thing that can be done about it is to get a new pair of glasses each year. Read More »
  • Annual Eye Exams

    They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Read More »
  • Save Your Vision Month 2014

    March is Save Your Vision Month 2014.  Why not participate by learning how your eyes work and how to take better care of them?  If you are lucky enough to have good eyesight, you really should take measures to protect it. Read More »
  • Autism and Vision

    Parents of autistic children have a variety of struggles in learning about the diagnosis of their child and how to help. Read More »
  • 20-20 not Perfect Vision

    20/20 measures a person's ability to read a specific sized text at a specific distance, but vision is much more than 20/20. Read More »
  • 4D Vision Gym

    4D Vision Gym, Vision Therapy is a vision training center where members participate in their personalized Vision Therapy program to correct their visual issues and challenges in a non-invasive manner.  We take vision off the charts and show how vision is much more than 20/20! Read More »
  • Vision Screenings

    Schedule a complimentary, near-point vision screening at 4D Vision Gym because vision is much more than 20/20. Read More »
  • Vision Testing

    By Kimberly Beltran - Christy Jacobson’s son, Daniel, spent most of his elementary school years struggling greatly to read, which, in turn, made it difficult for him to keep up academically.Jacobsen tried everything she could think of to help him, from tutoring to all manner of testing, including a routine eye exam, which found him to have 20/20 vision, even though Daniel reported seeing double while reading.It wasn’t until he was in seventh grade that he was finally diagnosed – following more thorough vision testing – with a binocular dysfunction. Read More »
  • Vision and Learning History

    by Lisa Nisula Read More »
  • Save Your Vision Month

    Save Your Vision Month 2013 reminds us all to begin practicing healthier vision habits, and according to the American Optometric Association, March is Save Your Vision Month. Read More »
  • Vision Therapy Testimonial

    This Vision Therapy Testimonial was recorded on video.  It is a testimonial of a 2nd grader named Ethan and his Mom, who were referred to Dr. Juanita Collier by an Occupational Therapist at Advanced Therapy Solutions. Read More »
  • Vision Therapy Exercises At Home

    Vision Therapy exercises at home are a crucial part of your Optometric Vision Therapy treatment program. Read More »
  • Does Vision Therapy Work?

    Does Vision Therapy Work?  This question has been debated for some time.The following excerpt is a mother's story of her child's learning difficulties and why she and her husband chose vision therapy to help their child.April states, in her post, "Why Vision Therapy?"... Read More »
  • Vision Therapy For Children

    Informing Parents About the CriticalLink Between Vision and Learning! Read More »
  • 4D Sports Vision Training

    Could sports vision training be the missing link in your quest for sports excellence? Read More »
  • 3D Motion Sickness

    3D motion sickness is motion sickness that people experience while watching 3D movies.  In this article, we'll talk about what 3D motion sickness is, the symptoms it causes, and how vision therapy can help reduce the symptoms. Read More »
  • Stereo Blindness

    Stereo blindness results when the eyes don't work together. Read More »
  • Behavioral Optometrist

    A Behavioral Optometrist (or Development Optometrist) specializes in behavioral optometry which is a specialty in the field of optometry that is concerned with how your eyes and visual system function and is interested in how your behavior affects vision or how your vision influences your behavior. Read More »
  • Pediatric Eye Exam

    Pediatric eye exams and school vision screenings typically only test distance vision. Read More »
  • Optometrist vs Ophthalmologist

    The phrase "Optometrist vs Ophthalmologist," gives the impression that these two eye care professionals are at odds, but in reality they have much in common. Read More »
  • Your Childs Vision

    Optometric Vision Therapy Can Improve Your Child's Performance in School! Read More »
  • Vision Therapists Needed

    Vision Therapists are needed at 4D Vision Gym! Read More »
  • Vision and Reading

    Vision and reading are essential for your child's optimum performance in school.  Your child's vision and reading can be transformed by Vision Therapy! Read More »