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The Importance of Peripheral Vision in Sports and Life and How Vision Therapy Can Help

How’s your peripheral vision?

This refers to the things that are seen on the outer edge of your visual field and is defined as seeing people and objects “out of the corner of the eye” while concentrating on a fixed object.

One of the aspects of your vision that can be improved with Vision Therapy (VT) is your peripheral visual field. With this therapy, you can improve your field of vision and perform better in sports and life.

Peripheral Vision for Sports Performance

Peripheral awareness is a crucially important visual skill for most athletes.

In sports, you will, with practice, be able to see objects, people and balls out of the corner of your eye, perhaps a microsecond faster than you would normally. Along with regular practice during VT sessions and other prescribed home exercises, you can take your game from good to great. Remember, every little thing you do to increase your advantage can make you a fantastic athlete. While you may not be able to become a world-class athlete by working on your peripheral field, you can certainly improve from your current state.

For example, peripheral awareness is crucial in basketball because detecting motion in the outer edge of the visual field is vital and allows the players to react and respond quickly. It makes them better players and helps avoid injury. Plus, players can monitor the ball and opponents better.

Peripheral Vision for Life

Peripheral vision is beneficial for personal safety and self-preservation. While nobody likes to think about being mugged or attacked on the street, or even in their home, it does happen every single day. The sharper your peripheral visual field, the more likely you are to notice an attacker. It allows you to prepare for people and objects that are approaching. This may give you the ability to avert the situation altogether. Even if it does not, you will process the information sooner than the attacker may expect, which can provide you an advantage in defending yourself.

An improved peripheral field can also help you avoid a car accident as your field of vision will be expanded.

Peripheral awareness provides an early warning system and guides our response to that information. You may also experience greater enjoyment from life in general, because you will be able to take in more of your surroundings.

Vision Therapy Can Help

By improving your peripheral visual field, you will begin to notice an improvement in how much data you can process as you are going through your day. It will be an exciting new world to appreciate as your peripheral visual field and reactivity begin to improve.

So, if you want to experience benefits related to good peripheral field, consider VT.

A Behavioral Optometrist can prescribe specific VT techniques to enhance your peripheral awareness and help you regain at least some visual field loss. Additionally, specialized lens and prism systems may allow for better abilities in daily living activities.

As pictured above, certain equipment at the Optometric practice can be used to train the eyes to see better in the peripheral parts of your field of view.

If you are experiencing loss of peripheral field, schedule a functional exam to learn if Vision Therapy can help.

You won’t regret taking necessary steps to improve your peripheral vision.

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