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Is Vision Therapy an Effective Convergence Insufficiency Treatment?

Every time they look at an object up close, both adults and children converge their eyes. This includes when working on a tablet computer or laptop, when looking at a cell phone, or when reading. Convergence insufficiency is when the eyes are unable to focus together at close distancess.

The Role of Vision Therapy in Convergence Insufficiency Treatment

Convergence insufficiency is a problem with the functioning of the eyes. If it is not treated, it can lead to frequent double-vision, headaches, dizziness, difficulty reading, and eye strain. Convergence insufficiency is usually most common in children but it can also manifest in adults too.

Vision Therapy as a Convergence Insufficiency Treatment?

Vision therapy is a customized, non-surgical, doctor-supervised program of visual activities for correcting some vision problem and/or improving visual skills.

Unlike eye surgery that alters the eye’s anatomy or the surrounding muscles, or contact lenses and eyeglasses that just compensate for visual problems, vision therapy is designed to “train” the visual system to treat itself.

Vision therapy is comparable to physical therapy but for the visual system, including eyes along with portions of the brain that control vision.

Vision therapy is an effective convergence insufficiency treatment. Treatment usually involves many different activities, including prisms and eye exercises which are part of an optometrist-supervised and customized.program of therapy for the patient.


Prisms can be of great assistance to the people with convergence insufficiency. Prisms are put in reading glasses that the patient uses while reading or removable prisms that fit over the existing glasses can be created.

Eye Exercises

The most common form of eye exercises for treating convergence insufficiency involve the use of small print taped onto an object such as a tongue depressor. The object is then increasingly moved closer towards the eyes until the person is about to lose focus. It is then held in place for around 10 seconds. The name given to this exercise is eye pushups.

The Role of Vision Therapy in Convergence Insufficiency Treatment

Ultimately, vision therapy aims to treat vision problems that contact lenses, eyeglasses, and/or surgery alone cannot treat successfully and help people achieve comfortable and clear binocular vision:

Multiple studies have highlighted the efficacy of vision therapy in correcting vision problems that can interfere with efficient reading among school-aged children. Vision therapy also helps in reducing eye strain along with other symptoms of computer vision syndrome that many children and some adults experience.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Convergence Insufficiency

Convergence insufficiency should only be diagnosed by a professional. An optometrist will test the patient’s eyes to determine whether he or she has the condition. Upon confirmation of the diagnosis, the eye doctor can recommend an appropriate vision therapy treatment option to help ease the symptoms and improve the way the eyes function.

Final Thoughts

Is vision therapy an effective convergence insufficiency treatment? The answer is yes!

It is probably the most effective treatment for the condition, and you will be doing yourself or your child a great disservice if you fail to consider it as a treatment option.

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