Vision Therapy Articles

These vision therapy articles explain how vision therapy can help improve your vision and reading, and get rid of headaches and eyestrain.  They also explore how vision therapy helps with reading, learning, studying and sports.

Below you will find such topics as:

Vision Therapy for Children               Sports Vision Training               3D Motion Sickness

Stereo Blindness                              Behavioral Optometrist              Pediatric Eye Exam

Optometrist vs Ophthamologist          Your Child's Vision                    Vision Therapists Needed

Vision and Reading                          Autism and Vision                    20/20 is Not Perfect Vision

4D Vision Gym                                Vision is More than 20/20          Vision Testing

Vision and Learning                         Save Your Vision Month             Vision Therapy Testimonial

Vision Therapy Exercises - Home        Does Vision Therapy Work?        Optometrist Needed

Concussions                                   Eyesight and Vision                   Screen Sightedness

Eye Training                                   Annual Eye Exams                    Save Your Vision Month 2014

Oculomotor Dysfunction                    Peripheral Vision                      Homework Wars

Vision Therapy After Concussions       Vision Therapy Activities                        



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