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4D Vision Gym,
Optometric Vision Therapy in CT!

Welcome to our website!

At 4D Vision Gym, we offer Optometric Vision Therapy in CT.  Our office is located in Cromwell, Connecticut, and our services are offered by an outstanding team of professionals. 

We are a unique practice where:

We help adults and children who have vision issues that interfere with their ability to read, to comprehend, to learn, to work, and even to pay attention.  We help improve their performance in school, work, sports, and life.

4D Vision Gym introduces this subfield of optometry to patients as a possible alternative to surgery. This website intends to educate potential patients about Vision Therapy and to introduce them to the common visual disorders encountered among patients.  Potential patients will also learn about certain eye exercises used to treat these particular visual difficulties. These exercises are meant to be practiced in conjunction with office-based therapy, and not as a self-directed program.

Vision Therapy is a medical treatment plan prescribed by a Behavioral or Developmental Optometrist.  The effectiveness of Vision Therapy is supported by decades of research. It involves the use of special instruments, lenses, filters and prisms to train the visual system.

We've been tracking responses to a survey we give to graduates of our Vision Therapy program.

All respondents said they benefitted from the program at 4D, and 89% of those respondents said they greatly benefitted from the 4D program.  They felt that the main area of improvement was grades, with reading being the subject where they showed the most improvement.  Additionally, when asked how likely they were to recommend 4D Vision Gym to family and friends, the average rating was 4.9 out of 5.


4D Vision Gym Team

Dr. Juanita Collier, MS OD and her staff warmly welcome you to this website and to our state-of-the-art Optometric and Vision Therapy office in Cromwell, Connecticut.

Dr. Collier is a Behavioral Optometrist (or Developmental Optometrist), specializing in Optometry and Vision Therapy in Connecticut for the needs of children, adolescents, teenagers and adults. 

Again, we help children and adults who have vision problems that interfere with their ability to read, to learn, to comprehend and even pay attention.

 Our services include:

Watch this video about our 4D Vision Gym office:




Dr. Collier and 4D Vision Gym provide the following Optometric services: comprehensive eye examinations for all ages, including preschoolers and seniors; Vision Therapy for all ages; contact lenses and follow-up; treatment for learning-related vision problems which can include or relate to traumatic brain injury; sports vision enhancement; ADD/ADHD, reading, Dyslexia, and tracking problems; treatment for amblyopia or lazy eye and strabismus (eye turns); visual rehabilitation for patients with special needs and developmental delays or concussions; treatment for stress-related visual problems, vision-induced motion sickness, blurred vision and visual stress from reading and computers. Read our success stories.

Dr. Juanita Collier is an eye doctor in Cromwell, CT specializing in Vision Therapy in CT (Connecticut).  Her practice, 4D Vision Gym, serves the towns of Cromwell, Rocky Hill, Wethersfield, West Hartford, Berlin, Newington, Farmington, Glastonbury, Southington, Plainville, Middletown, Madison, Essex, Middlesex County, Hartford County, Central CT and beyond!

"Experience Vision Off the Charts...It's More Than 20/20!"

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment option for crossed eyes, lazy eye, convergence insufficiency (CI), eyestrain, blurred vision, double vision, acquired brain injury, and much more.  It can help children get better grades in school, increase self-confidence in teenagers, and relieve headaches and eyestrain in adults working at computer screens all day long.  Vision Therapy can result in success in school, improved performance in sports and coordination, improvement in visual disabilities and learning disabilities.

We Are An Eye Care Practice!

While 4D Vision Gym specializes in Vision Therapy, it is also an eye care center, offering annual eye exams and vision testing (including dilations), emergency eye care, diagnosis and management of ocular diseases, treatment of eye infections, injuries, dry eye, contact lens fittings, vision therapy for concussions, and sports vision therapy.

Learn more about our 4D Vision Therapy specialties:

What People Say About 4D 

What People Say About 4D - Vision Therapy Testimonials


4D Testimonials from Parents

Summary of 4D Parents Reviews


“The staff at 4D Vision Gym are always professional and helpful. Kelsey made sure to accommodate my son's busy schedule for appointments. After completing therapy and practicing at home, reading was easier. The staff continues to answer questions and concerns that arise with Ryan's vision. A great experience!” ~ MaryAnn B.

(Posted on Facebook)


"When my kids started vision therapy I was skeptical as I was ignorant of all vision entails. Like almost everyone I thought vision was just about whether your eyes are 20/20. Once we discovered my sons significant problems with teaming and tracking it brought to light all the difficulties he was having at school and even just dealing with visually busy situations. Colin's therapist Erin has been absolutely life changing for him and despite the hard work he LOVES to come here. He is so comfortable he practically takes his shoes off at the door and runs into the locker room to start.

I've since learned so much about how the brain works with the other senses to process visual input and it helps us make steady progress in our work with his other autism spectrum deficits. I think of vision therapy now as brain therapy. If I had to choose which therapy has done the most for my son – vision therapy would be a no brainer. We couldn't ask for a better teacher in Coach Erin. Her love and patience for the kids is incredible and I was blown away by how professional and articulate she was when she spoke to my son's teachers at a meeting to educate them on his issues and how they impact him at school. She is simply amazing!" ~ Michelle S.

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Valerie G 


I feel the 4D Vision Therapy program "greatly benefited me and my child and was directly responsible for my child’s improvements."
“Vision Therapy helped my son with depth perception and helped him to use his eye (the one he was not using a lot prior to therapy).
His self-esteem and behavior improved a lot.  I am soooo thankful that I researched and was able to find Vision Therapy after his pediatric ophthalmologist told us that there is nothing we can do to improve his condition and he might just lose vision in his bad eye.  I am sincerely very thankful for every little improvement he has made.”
I would definitely recommend 4D Vision Gym." ~ Katarina K.


"Vision Therapy really seems to be helping our daughter Olivia a 7 th grader. I brought her here to be evaluated last Fall because she wasn't thriving in school . She was a bright alert baby who talked early , read early and seemed quite bright.

She started writing stories in kindergarten . Although she loved creative writing she struggled with math, art and reading small print. So comprehension became an issue for years. We thought she had ADD. Since Vision Therapy she has brought up her grades and seems to be thriving in school. Art is still a bit of a problem, but she is making progress. I believe vision therapy continues to help her tremendously. No Add no medication . Very happy with the Proffessional staff at 4-d vision gym.

Thank you!" ~ Joann M.

(Posted on Facebook)


I felt the 4D Vision Therapy program “was directly responsible for my child's improvements.”

My child’s grades, sports performance, behavior and self-esteem improved.

“He has become a much better baseball player and can pitch and hit the ball better now, he is playing wide receiver and catching the ball. He is now on the honor roll at school.”

I wish they would expand their Saturday hours, and I “would definitely recommend” 4D to family and friends. ~ Mother of 4D Graduate, Donna C.


"[Vision Therapy] has been a huge help.  She struggled with being able to read and answer questions regarding what she read. Kaitlyn now has improved balance, spelling and handwriting have improved...all of the therapists here are so amazing, kind, patient and are so great at what they do.“ ~ Parent of 4D Vision Gym Members


“[She] had issues with tracking as well as accurately decoding words. She became much more skilled with keeping her place as well as being able to decode words. We initially thought she needed intensive phonics and decoding intervention, but that was not the case! Every staff member made a positive impact on [her].” ~ Mother of 4D Graduate, Ellen D.


"The staff at 4D are amazing and they have helped my children immensely! My children were struggling in school with reading,writing and spelling. They have been going to 4D for about 1 year and the progress is outstanding! I cannot say enough good things about 4D."  Michael K., Parent of 4D Members

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"My son goes to 4D vision gym and is doing great! He is always happy to see Erin and do his excersizes. We are very happy and recommend them for your vision physical therapy."  ~ Bill R., Parent of 4D Member

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“Vision Therapy has quite simply been the most positive thing in Breanna's life. It's a miracle. We thought she had ADD all these years; her school thought she had a reading comprehension problem. We didn't know what to do. It was her eyes all this time…Even her teachers could see a visible difference in her attitude and confidence within weeks of the therapy.” ~ Mother of Vision Therapy graduate, 15 years old


"To be honest, I regret that I didn't look into it [Vision Therapy] sooner.  I knew that there was something stopping his reading from going forward because he loved it.  But it never occurred to me that it could be a vision issue, and I wish that I had discovered it sooner.  So, I strongly recommend it to anybody considering it." ~ Mother of Vision Therapy graduate


“…She was struggling with her subtraction facts, spelling, found math tiring, and had trouble concentrating on her reading. We started vision therapy and saw remarkable improvement in a short time. She became less distractible and was able to concentrate and focus better on her work.” ~Parents of 4D Vision Gym Member


"Cormac reached a threshold over the summer. He overcame so much difficulty with physical activities. He could now do jumping jacks and jump rope. Swimming became easier, as well." ~ Father of 4D Vision Gym member


“My daughter no longer experiences motion sickness on family car trips; she’s a much better reader…she’s even improved at soccer, which she was always good at, but now she’s even better!” ~ Mother of Vision Therapy graduate, 10 years old


“She is so confident now because she finally feels like she is at the same level as her classmates, can read just as easily as they can, and her grades--they've gone from C's and D's to A's and B's. It's night and day…We can't thank you enough.” ~ Mother of Vision Therapy graduate


Just click the images of Eye Guy below to read what parents, teachers, children, and adult patients say when asked:  

"What changes have you seen as a result of participating in a Vision Therapy program?"
"How has Vision Therapy changed your life?"

    Success in School                   Sports and Coordination                    Visual Disabilities                  Learning Disabilities


Or click here to read what patients at 4D Vision Gym have to say about their experience with Vision Therapy in Connecticut.


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